Talent Development
The company believes in people-oriented, and strives to provide employees with competitive salary and benefits, then create and provide full personal development opportunities and space.  We are committed to the career of our employees and grow together with them. We headquartered in Shenzhen, the business radiates to the whole country. With the development and expansion of the company, we look forward to your joining us to write a new chapter in the development of the company.
Contact Information: hr@bctehk.com
Sales Representative 1.College degree or above. Majors in microelectronics/electronics/communication/computer are preferred; 2.More than two years of sales experience in chip/semiconductor/electronics industry, and with sales experience in power supply and power device products is preferred; 3.Have strong interpersonal skills, be good at communication and learning, have a certain degree of pressure resistance, and can adapt to business trips; 4.Be responsible for daily sales work, effectively communicate customer needs, and be good at establishing and maintaining customer relationships.
PM 1.Bachelor degree. Majors in electronics/communication/computer etc. are preferred; 2.More than 3 years of product management experience in chip/semiconductor/electronics industry; 3.Good communication ability, strategic thinking ability and pressure resistance ability, able to adapt to business trips; 4.Responsible for formulating and implementing the marketing strategy of the product line, integrating and coordinating the internal sales and FAE resources, promoting the product in the client project Design Win, maintaining the strategic relationship with suppliers, and controlling the product price and inventory.
FAE 1.Bachelor degree. Majors in microelectronics/electronics/communication/computer, etc.; 2.More than 3 years of product experience in chip/semiconductor/electronic industry. With electronic component R&D experience is preferred; 3.Have a solid theoretical knowledge of analog circuits. With a good command of C and C++ is preferred; 4.Be responsible for the product selection of the company's agent product lines (active chips, power devices, module power supplies, etc.), provide technical support for customers, and assist customers in product debugging and optimization design.
Address: Room 803B, Building A, South Zone, Excellence Meilin Central Plaza, 126 Zhongkang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen Email: sales@bctehk.com